NDI advises local and international clients in all their corporates affairs, from complex corporate matters to everyday advice.

Our lawyers have extended experience in matters such as acquisition of public-and privately held companies, mergers of companies and all the processes involved.

Featured services:

  • M&A processes
  • Reorganization of companies
  • Joint ventures
  • Financing
  • Joint action and shareholders agreements
  • Structuring of new businesses
  • Advice on corporate governance
  • Advice on antitrust matters

NDI has handled complex financial agreements for infrastructure, real estate, energy projects and other developments.

Featured services:

  • Financial structuring for different industries, including agriculture and livestock, telecommunications, and insurance industries
  • Structuring of collateral obligations
  • Incorporation, organization, and licensing authorization of financial institutions

NDI has a broad experience in the development, financing, and implementation of different projects, including real estate and power developments, as well as in regulated industries, such as mining, aquaculture, public infrastructure, and telecommunications.

Featured services:

  • Development of different types of real estate projects
  • Financial structuring of real estate and infrastructure projects
  • Project finance

NDI takes a multidisciplinary approach to addressing the services that businesses require. Any agreement and contract have the potential to produce unwanted tax effects, aspect which must be analyzed to provide an effective advice.

During the last five years, the Chilean tax system has undergone substantial amendments, thus the legal effects of a transaction must be carefully analyzed in the regular course of business, with tax planning being a crucial tool for the success of mergers, project acquisitions, or for investment to be developed in Chile.

Featured services

  • Contentious cases / tax matters
  • Reorganizations
  • Investment structuring from a tax point of view, considering the application of double taxation treaties and the reduction of deferred taxes
  • Analysis of tax application issues related to the permanent establishment of persons and foreign entities without domicile nor residency
  • Consideration and analysis of VAT payment issues applicable to asset acquisition, limited exemptions, VAT recovery
  • General income taxes, deduction of expenses, thin capitalization rules, tax on contracts
  • General legal support on tax matters

NDI has extended experience in the representation and advice provided to its clients in dispute resolution, specifically in complex civil and administrative litigation and arbitration.

Featured services:

  • Civil litigation
  • Arbitration
  • Administrative litigation

NDI offers a comprehensive advice in public, administrative and regulatory law. This practice is composed of expert lawyers with a broad experience in high complexity matters.

Featured Industries:

  • Financial industry
  • Insurance
  • Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications
  • Acuiculture
  • Natural resources